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Welcome to Thrive Integrative Health located in Springfield VA. With all of the advancements in modern medicine, people often forget or ignore the benefits of acupuncture.  However, acupuncture is one of only a few health care options that has a history encompassing a time frame extending back before 10,000 BC. Over that time, acupuncture has helped millions of people recover from hundreds of sicknesses and heal in a non-invasive, natural way. In fact, the World Health Organization recently released a document describing the many benefits of acupuncture, revealing that this approach to health care has been proven to help with over 28 conditions. With the overwhelming success of acupuncture, our Springfield VA acupuncturists at Thrive Integrative Health have put together this short article to provide you with some basic information about this health care option.

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The success of acupuncture is largely tied to its unique approach to healing. Traditionally, acupuncture has focused on restoring the flow of the body’s vital substances which allows the body to heal itself. To accomplish this, acupuncturists focus on creating a balance between the body's organ systems so that it can function properly. Ancient Chinese medical practitioners labeled one of the body’s vital substances as Qi (chee). Qi is what allows a person to function and is responsible for determining a person’s health state.

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While the study of acupuncture is complex, practitioners focus on stabilizing the pathways of the Qi which flows through various vessels in the body.  It is believed that when these vessels become unbalanced, the cells, organs, and tissues within the body are deprived of their necessary nutrition and other vital substances. Unless these disruptions are corrected in a timely matter, the affected area of the body often becomes diseased or even dies. Conversely, if these vessels are opened up and remain open, normal function in the body can be restored. In fact, many patients report a reduction or absence of symptoms such as pain, tiredness, and nausea immediately upon receiving their first acupuncture treatment.


On your first visit to our clinic in Springfield VA, we will begin by performing a thorough history and examination. After the results are analyzed, we will identify the problematic areas and develop an individualized treatment plan. After the sterile needles are positioned, patients typically rest for 30-45 minutes as the treatment takes its course. Depending on the individual case, massage, moist heat, or cold packs may be combined with the therapy. The total visit typically lasts around an hour.

As with many conditions, the treatment effect can vary depending on the severity of the problem. Many patients report feeling immediate relief, while others describe noticing changes up to two days following the therapy. Depending on the patient and the number of visits, relief may last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. It will be important to monitor this so that your treatment schedule can be altered appropriately.

While side effects are minimal, some patients have reported minor bouts of nausea, bruising, muscle pain, and difficulty sleeping following their initial treatment. If this occurs don't be alarmed and notify your treating health care professional prior to your next visit.

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The chronic problems we face with our health have three underlying causes. The first is emotional stress. Stress can create imbalance at several levels in our bodies including in our hormones and neurotransmitters which impacts our endocrine and nervous systems. This can impact any organ system or muscle group in our bodies. The second problem is trauma. Traumas occur throughout our life and their effect of them accumulates with time. If the healing from trauma is interrupted, complete healing might never occur causing a chronic problem. The third problem is toxicity. Unfortunately, we live in a toxic environment. Worse than that, many of us have habits or lifestyles in which we expose ourselves to even more toxins. In any case, toxicity leads to the malfunction of our bodies which robs us of our health. With repeated exposure to stress, trauma, and toxins, it is easy to understand how our body's natural state becomes disrupted. While many health care professionals resort to chemical prescription drugs and surgery to treat the symptoms that result from the imbalances, acupuncturists focus on restoring the flow of vital substances and helping the body to heal naturally.

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"Thanks again for all you have done-I feel you have improved things for me- my sciatica has come a long way! Or should I say almost gone away? Looking forward to the day I wake up and it’s all totally gone!"

Shawn B.

"After an initial visit today, I look forward to a pain free tomorrow. I pray I won’t have to take medications, which create depressive emotions and a feeling of isolation. I am also hoping to getting back to an active workout schedule, to include a neighbor jog! Imran should have recommended them sooner!!"

James P.